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Never miss the end
of an eBayTM auction again!

The free Buyertools Reminder reminds you of auctions ending soon. Bid directly out of the program, without having to start a new browser window. Or leave the bidding hassle to the Reminder completely.
Buyertools Reminder
Its auto bidding function places the highest bid precisely and punctually in last second - to your strategic advantage!
But the Reminder is more than just a free sniping tool - it also administers private appointments and To Do Lists and cleared up flash cards. As a slim personal organizer, it won't be long before you can't do without this tool.
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Supported* eBayTM Countries
The Buyertools Reminder supports all these eBay countries:
 » (US) USA
 » (AU) Australia
 »( AT) Austria
 » (BENL) Belgium (dutch)
 » (BEFR) Belgium (french)
 » (CA) Canada
 » (FR) France
 » (DE) Germany
 » (IN) India
 » (IE) Ireland
 » (IT) Italy
 »( NL) Netherlands
 » (PL) Poland
 » (ES) Spain
 » (SE) Sweden
 » (CH) Switzerland
 » (UK) United Kingdom

*Supported means: All items that are listed or run on the above mentioned eBay marketplaces are supported.

As an example: If an eBay member from Hong Kong that holds an account with lists his items on, the reminder will be able to deal with this auction. But if an item is listed on, it will not be supported by the Buyertools Reminder.

Buyertools Reminder Features

Some of the
Buyertools Reminder features:
  • no ads, no popups
  • no spyware
  • manual bidding and Buy-It-Now straight out of the program Web site

No Spyware
  • automatic bidding
  • bidding groups
  • auction reminders to your cell phone
  • automatic Internet dial-up & dial-up guardian

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Optimized for Buyertools Reminder

Get the most out of Pricepirates with the Buyertools Reminder
Are you already using the free Buyertools Reminder? Then you will love Pricepirates!

Use Pricepirates to find the best bargains on the Web and directly add interesting auctions to your Buyertools Reminder.

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